All ABC's engines can run on heavy oil, MDO and various biodiesel products. In addition, all can be supplied as dual fuel engines
Anglo Belgian Corporation is certified according to ISO9001:2008. All the engines are individually tested on our test benches, where the client can be present. All engines can be classified with all the major classification companies.
ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) is a traditional Belgian engine manufacturer founded in 1912. ABC produces medium speed diesel engines and dual fuel engines for marine, industry and locomotives.

The ABC engines are particularly known for their high torque, which makes the engines well suited for vessels that need a lot of traction, including tugboats, fishing boats/trawlers, seismic boats etc. They are also known as engines with high quality and long maintenance intervals, very low emission of NOx and low fuel consumption

DZC Series

The DZC series is ABC's best-selling engine series in Norway. The series consists of 6 and 8 cylinder in-line engines from 749kW - 2000kW, as well as 12 and 16 cylinder v-engines from 2000kW to 4000kW. Normal rpm is from 750 - 1000rpm. The engine's low mean pressure makes it very reliable and reliable. It is easy to install and fits well in tugboats, fishing boats, trawlers and many other applications.


The DL36 is ABC's new engine intended for larger vessels. The series currently consists of 6 and 8 cylinder in-line engines that deliver from 3120 kW and up to 5200 kW. ABC also has plans for a V version of up to 10,400kW. The engine is delivered with a stroke / bore of 365 mm x 420 mm. At 750 rpm, this engine gives a performance of 650 kW per cylinder, even if the mean pressure is only 24 Bar. This means that reliability and robustness are still safeguarded. The DL36 also meets the IMO Tier III requirements. The DL36 has 2-stage turbocharging and a radically optimized common rail system.
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