About us

About Us

Frydenbø Group is a family-owned group with headquarters at Damsgård in Bergen. The group is a significant player in the business areas; Automotive, Industry, Property, Marine, Global and NXT. Frydenbø Group has a total of 900 employees and a turnover in 2021 of NOK 3.5 billion. Values: enthusiastic, honest and responsible. Vision: "Creating value through world-class quality and service". Joint strategic focus areas: Customer journey, Team and Sustainability

Frydenbø Industri, is where the adventure began 105 years ago. The sub-group is among Norway's leading suppliers of products and services to the marine/land-based industry. The head office is located at Hanøytangen outside Bergen and we currently have 165 employees.

Since 1993, Frydenbø Industri has collaborated with FPT Industrial on complete propulsion systems for smaller vessels. Larger propulsion solutions are delivered through engine supplier ABC. Important activities are service (mechanical and electrical) and delivery of parts to the professional market, from locations in Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Alta, Øksfjord, Havøysund and Sortland. In 2019, the industrial group established a department in Sweden in addition to online shopping for spare parts.

Frydenbø Industri has developed its own solutions for hybrid propulsion systems for workboats, exhaust gas purification systems, and life extension for lifeboat engines, as part of our commitment to sustainable products.


Frydenbø Group is a family-owned group and takes care of its traditional roots as a Bergen-based company. This is not an obstacle to thinking globally or to thinking of alternative ownership constellations in the individual group. We focus on value-creating ownership. ​

Frydenbø's mission represents the group's work and why we exist;


Creating vakue through generations - with head office in Bergen.


Our vision "world-class quality and service" is well known to everyone in Frydenbø, and must be felt when meeting with us. The vision is reflected in and has meaning for each and every one of us on a daily basis and for how we achieve our goals. This applies both to how we perform a job and to the measurement of results and development - on a personal level, in the workplace and in meeting our surroundings.


Common values in Frydenbø Group are reflected in how we operate. It applies just as much internally among employees, as it does to customers, suppliers or partners. We reflect on what impressions have been left when meeting us and what sets us apart from our competitors.

The basis of values is our DNA. This is our common foundation when it comes to how we operate and lead, choices we make and how we deal with others.


We are passionate about our work, interested and engaged. We face challenges with enthusiasm, a willingness to dare, bet, try and fail. Our vision of the future requires us to be able to see and exploit new opportunities.


We are open and must cultivate credibility, both internally and externally. Honest represents that we will keep our promises - implement strategies and achieve our goals. We do what we say we will.


We are aware of our responsibility as a colleague, manager, supplier, company and social actor. Responsible represents our way of carrying out tasks, our loyalty and long-term approach to our work.