Career in Frydenbø Industri

Team Frydenbø is our most important resource! We aim to be an attractive employer that attracts the best employees. Are you considering submitting an open application or applying for an advertised position with us?

Why work at Frydenbø Industri?

The Norwegian marine industry must become greener. We are continuously working to reduce the climate footprint in the maritime industry, and need more people to step up with us going forward. As a skilled worker with us, we can offer a versatile working day where you have the opportunity to work across our professional and geographical locations. Development of technological solutions that will reduce climate emissions for our customers in the maritime industry is one of our most important investment areas. You will, together with our skilled colleagues, be part of the development and learn various disciplines within the marine industry.

Apprentices who want to take part in the green transition within the marine industry

Would you like to join our journey in an exciting international maritime industry? We are working to make shipping more environmentally friendly and need more young, wise minds to join the team!

We take apprentices within

  • CNC machining subjects
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Motor mechanic
  • Electrician
  • The automation profession

Approved learning company in the field of automation

  • Learn to tailor solutions adapted to customers' facilities and applications.
  • Learn to create ready-made, complete solutions for our customers