Our digital channels use cookies. Below, you will find information on how we use cookies and similar technologies (in the following jointly referred to as "cookies") on our digital channels.

What are cookies?

Cookies: Small text files that are stored on your device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) to identify your browser across different visits and web pages. Cookies can either be used on our behalf (first-party cookies) or on behalf of others (third-party cookies).

Pixels: Image files that are used to link you to a third-party website, among other things to activate cookies from the third-party website. A pixel can read and write to cookies that are stored on your device.

Scripts: Code snippets that are necessary to activate a pixel or used to identify your browser or device across different visits and web pages.

Session storage: A type of script that is only active for the individual visit to our platform and that does not recognise your browser or device across different visits.

What are cookies used for in our digital channels?

Our purposes for using cookies can be categorised as follows:

Functional/necessary: Cookies for basic functions on our website, such as filling in forms and logging in.

Personalised: Cookies for remembering any user preferences, such as language, and for giving you customised content on our website based on your previous use.

Analytical: Cookies used to analyse and compile statistics on usage on our website, e.g. the number of visitors, which pages are most visited, how the pages are navigated, as well as the effect of advertising. We can collect information from e.g. marketing material and newsletters sent by e-mail to find out whether the messages were opened and whether the users have clicked on links to our web pages in the message.

Targeted marketing: Cookies for targeting advertisements or content on external websites through the use of so-called target groups.

What cookies do we use in our digital channels?

  •  Facebook: conversion tracking and remarketing
  • Google Analytics: web statistics
    Used to track users across multiple page views in connection with web analytics.
  • Google AdWords: conversion tracking and remarketing
    Used to a) measure conversions and b) display targeted ads based on content you have seen in our digital channels.
  • HubSpot: web statistics and profiling
    Used to track users across multiple page views in connection with analytics, marketing and sales.

Your preferences

You can choose to accept or reject cookies through settings in your browser. Here, you will find more information on how to adjust your cookies settings for the most common browsers: Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You can also choose which cookies you want to accept or reject via the cookie banner on our website.

If you reject the use of cookies, you may find that our website does not work optimally.


You may be indirectly identified via cookies on our website. We will only process your personal data if permitted by applicable law.

In cases where cookies constitute personal data, our basis for processing is Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR for functional/necessary cookies and Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR (consent) for other cookies.

For more information, please see our privacy policy

Third parties

Please note that our website may display, use or contain links to contents on the websites of others, which may result in cookies from third parties being stored on our device. This may for example be the case if you navigate from Facebook to our website. You will find more information on this in the privacy policies of the relevant third parties.

We may also use such third-party companies when advertising online. The companies use cookies and tracking pixels to collect information about your activities on this and other web pages in order to offer you targeted advertising based on your interests. If you no longer want to receive such information intended to give you targeted ads, you may deregister via this website: Please note that this will not protect you from all kinds of advertising. You will still be exposed to generic advertising.


We will update this cookie policy as required, for example in the event of changes to our website. You will be notified of any material changes. You will always find the latest version of this cookie policy on our website.