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Dyno engine brake for lifeboat engines

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Allows you to stress test the lifeboat engine without putting the boat on the water
Can be adapted to different lifeboat engines and brands
Documents engine performance
With the engine brake Sabb Dyno, you can test performance, maintain and run your lifeboat engine under load without putting the boat on the water. We have developed the engine brake in collaboration with the world's leading oil companies and lifeboat manufacturers. This feature is now mandatory according to DNV-OS-E406.

Engine brake Sabb Dyno

  • is permanently attached to the engine for ease of use.
  • can be adapted to all lifeboat engines. It usually works to adapt the front rack and power take-off.
  • provides minimal loss of power from the engine to the engine brake when not in use, typically less than 0.5 hp.
  • weighs little.
  • is easy to maintain, with easy access to the maintenance components.
  • is certified by DNV.



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