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Quality engines from recognized suppliers
Various options, including engine brake, so you can adapt the engine to your unique needs
Can be adapted to various applications, such as lifeboats, tender and fixed rescue boats
We supply engines for lifeboats, tender boats and fast rescue boats in Norway and the rest of the world. We have developed the engines in collaboration with the world's largest engine manufacturers, and built them ourselves at our plant in Bergen since 1925.

Our lifeboat engine ranges

Sabb Lister has outputs from 15 to 40 kilowatts (20 to 55 hp).

The Sabb K has outputs of 26, 29, 43, 51 and 63 kilowatts (35, 40, 59, 70 and 85 hp). It is possible to adjust the performance, within certain limits, or rebuild them to withstand minus 30 degrees.

The Sabb FTP Iveco has performance from 63 to 420 kilowatts (85 to 570 hp). The engines are supplied with both mechanical injection and a common rail electric control system. All engines can be supplied with either traditional heat exchanger cooling or tube cooling.

What they all have in common is that they have high performance despite their low weight and compact design, are quiet, have low emissions and withstand harsh conditions.


Quality tested and certified

Our engines are certified by DNV and meet the requirements of "The International Convention of Safety at Sea" (SOLAS) and "International Maritime Organization" (IMO).

They have passed tests for starting at minus 15 to minus 30 degrees Celsius, and in some configurations 360 degree rotation, as well as driving in water up to the center crankshaft.

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