Sustainability is a prerequisite for running a long-term business, and long-termism has been important to Frydenbø since its inception in 1916. We are aware of our responsibility and the footprint we leave behind. Together, we work every day for a greener maritime industry through innovation and smart sustainable solutions.

Measurable, not just good intentions

To ensure that good intentions are turned into action, since 2018 we have promoted sustainability as one of three jointly strategically important focus areas for the companies in the Frydenbø Group.
Direction towards the future

Our policy

The Frydenbø Group established its overall sustainability policy in March 2022, where we clarify our commitment to take environmental and social responsibility seriously and our aim to contribute actively to sustainable development.

Need to know our own emissions

Climate change represents one of the world's greatest challenges. To solve this challenge, we need an overview of how our operations affect the climate and how we can work in a targeted manner to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

During 2021, Frydenbø Industri has carried out a preliminary project - and in April 2022 initiated a pilot project with the tech start-up company "Variable".

The aim is to establish a tool to ensure effective professional work in both uncovering and recording CO2 emissions linked to the business. At the same time, the tool will help build a good basis for setting ambitious goals and laying the groundwork and monitoring measures to reduce the climate footprint.

From nice words to hard facts

We are concerned with handling the environmental impacts of our activities in a responsible manner. 100% honesty, 0% "greenwashing". Good reporting is a hygiene factor that must be in place to build trust and facilitate targeted work with emission reductions. Together, we work every day for a greener maritime industry to continuously improve reporting on our greenhouse gas emissions.
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Statement on due diligence assessment

We work actively to ensure basic human rights and decent working conditions in our own business and in the supply chain.
Frydenbø Industri 2022