All-electric and hybrid propulsion

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Reduces the climate footprint, fuel and maintenance costs
As one of Norway's leading suppliers of propulsion systems, we take our share of responsibility for offering solutions that help reduce the climate footprint of the coastal fleet.

Frydenbø all-electric for smaller vessels operating in coastal areas

With an all-electric engine from Danfoss and our swiveling HVP gears, we now have a complete zero-emission solution for smaller vessels operating in coastal areas. Danfoss' electric motors are water-cooled and designed to work in harsh maritime environments. A rotatable propeller gives approx. 15 percent better efficiency than a fixed propeller, so that it takes longer between each time you have to charge the battery. Our all-electric system is adapted to existing gear solutions. This means that it is easy to replace the diesel engine you have today with a zero-emission engine.

Frydenbø In-line hybrid for smaller vessels

This hybrid propulsion solution is developed around our own gear, the Sabb HVP 83H, which has an integrated electric motor in a very compact system. The electric motor is on the same axle as the diesel motor (in-line) and provides a seamless transition between diesel and electric operation. To reduce the costs of adapting conventional vessels, the hybrid solution is designed so that you do not need to move or replace existing diesel engines or axle systems. If you want to increase the battery capacity, it is easy to adapt this also to the existing equipment.

Frydenbø PTI hybrid for larger vessels

This solution normally consists of one or two diesel engines with an attached electric motor on a gear, combined with a battery pack and a marine generator set. Together with you, our experienced employees find the ideal combination of battery and generator capacity and power on the diesel and electric motors. We start from the typical operating pattern for your vessel. The solution is excellent for slightly larger vessels. If you combine the solution with our exhaust cleaning system Frydenbø ATS, your vessel will meet the IMO tier 3 emission requirements.

Reduce emissions and costs

Our hybrid solutions contribute to a significant reduction in fuel costs and CO2 emissions - up to 50 percent! The electric motors are operationally reliable and have an automatic function for regulating throttle and propeller angle. This also helps to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, we see that a hybrid solution provides 30 percent lower maintenance costs per year compared to a traditional diesel engine

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