Hybrid generators with water or radiotar cooling

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Tailored to your needs, facilities and applications
Easy to transport, place, expand and change
Provides environmentally friendly and maximum utilization of power
Choose more environmentally friendly solutions and prepare for the authorities' future climate requirements. We supply hybrid aggregates with water cooling or radiator cooling. Our self-developed solution makes maximum use of the engine's power capacity. Better utilization of the capacity means fewer operating hours, lower fuel consumption, longer service life, lower maintenance costs and a significant reduction in noise, compared to traditional generators.

With us you can get

  • tailoring adapted to your facilities and applications.
  • ready-made, complete solutions.
  • equipment from recognized subcontractors.
  • a modular system that is easy to place, transport, expand and change.
  • options for connecting shore power.
  • DNV-approved battery pack.

How do hybrid generators work?

Our hybrid generators use the excess capacity left over from the conventional generators to simultaneously charge the batteries and supply the necessary electricity to the rest of the facility. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator stops, and the plant is operated using power from the batteries. The cycle is repeated automatically if necessary.

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