Frydenbø Industri Blokken are experts in conversion, maintenance and repairs of vessels. Creative problem solutions and solid craftsmanship are traditions we are proud of!

Frydenbø Industri Blokken's location is favorable in that it lies within a relatively large and well-sheltered natural harbor close to the ship berth. It is about 3.5 miles to the municipal center Sortland.

Business areas:

Repair, maintenance and rebuilding of vessels, as well as constructions for the aquaculture industry.

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+47 91 53 69 67
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Vervveien 7, 8406 Sortland

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Anders Stolz-Rasmussen
Anders Stolz-Rasmussen
Daglig Leder Blokken
+47 915 36 967
Jørgen Rasmussen
Jørgen Rasmussen
Teknisk Leder Blokken
+47 416 80 149

Products and services

  • Release setting
  • Classification/certification
  • Engineering services
  • 3D scanning
  • Mechanical work
  • Hydraulic/plumbing
  • Plate and welding work
  • Timber/furnishings
  • Surface treatments



Weighed 300 tons
Length 37m
Height 20m
Cushion system Hydraulic
Scaffolding system Hydraulic
Lifting capacity 10 tonnes (traverse)


Weighed 150 tonnes
Length 30m
Height 12m
Cushion system Hydraulic
Scaffolding system Hydraulic
Lifting capacity 40 tonnes