We have created Frydenbø Forward, our innovative product line within the maritime industry, with the aim of defining the future. This series is designed to meet the needs of the market and bring us one step closer to 0 every day. We are the doer in sustainable change. Where you go when you want something done, today.

Dual Drive Hybrid system

By combining electric power with traditional fuel options, hybrid propulsion systems provide a balanced approach that optimizes energy efficiency, reduces environmental impact and gives the crew on board a whole new working life.

NOx After Treatment system that meets IMO Tier III requirements

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) designed to meet IMO Tier III emission regulations for FPT Industrial marine engines from 3 to 15.9 lite
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Dyno engine brake

With the Dyno engine brake you can test performance, maintain and run your lifeboat engine under load without putting the boat on the water.
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Power Cube

The Power Cube from Frydenbø is a peak shaving container designed to reduce peak loads in energy consumption, which can help reduce costs and improve the stability of the power supply.