Gear for turning propeller

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Available with integrated electric motor
Possibility of hydraulic power take-off (PTO) to operate cranes and deck equipment
Increased maneuverability and maximum pulling and pushing power
With our HVP gears and a turnable propeller, you make the most of your engine power at all speeds and under all conditions. With a rotatable propeller, you get maximum traction and thrust, good maneuverability and low fuel consumption. Our gears are compact and solid. The gears have been developed for professional vessels, but are also excellent for leisure boats.

Each gear is dyno tested and all our models have

  • built-in servo for turning propeller.
  • option for 1 PTO with separate hydraulic coupling, or 1 PTO for direct operation.
  • hydraulic multi-plate clutch.
  • display of oil pressure and temperature.
  • possibility of additional dashboard with switches for gear and PTO.
  • clear and compact design.
  • type approval from DNV.

Do you need an overhaul or a new gear?

We help you overhaul your existing gear or switch to a new one. We are specialists in gears, and are happy to assist with proposed solutions, preliminary design and special adaptations. You choose whether we will come to you or whether you want to come to one of our workshops.

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