Maritime electricians from Frydenbø raise the standard on board Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Due to a scheduled workshop stay lasting from October to December, the ship is currently undergoing necessary upgrades while in dock at Bergen. Frydenbø, with their extensive history with the ship, is once again part of the team dedicated to ...

Maritime Partner chooses FPT Industrial engine with NOx ATS system

Maritime Partner - Equipping boats delivered to the Danish Coastal Rescue Service with engines from FPT Industrial and NOx After Treatment System from Frydenbø.

We sell hydrogen engines from ABC

ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) is a traditional Belgian engine manufacturer founded in 1912. ABC produces medium speed diesel engines and dual fuel engines for marine, industrial and locomotive applications.

Frydenbø SCR application - meets IMO Tier III requirements

We have developed a simple and flexible system that meets the emission requirements south of 62 degrees latitude. As a consequence of the new requirements and lack of satisfactory solutions in the market, Frydenbø has developed a system is IMO Tier ...

Frydenbø All-electric with turnable gear

Frydenbø Industri has a long history and sees significant advantages with turnable gear solutions. Our self-developed HVP enables a larger propeller, greater traction, better maneuvering characteristics and with electric propulsion you have zero ...

Our first Inline Hybrid in operation

When Cargill was building a new work boat, it was never relevant to build anything other than a future-oriented vessel that safeguards the working environment on board and reduces the environmental footprint.