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Frydenbø All-electric with turnable gear


Frydenbø Industri has a long history and sees significant advantages with turnable gear solutions. Our self-developed HVP enables a larger propeller, greater traction, better maneuvering characteristics and with electric propulsion you have zero fuel consumption.
This contributes to environmental benefits in the form of lower climate emissions and local pollution. In addition, it provides better working conditions for the crew by reducing noise and vibrations. Operating and maintenance costs are also considerably less.

With a reversible propeller, it is possible to make the best possible use of the engine power at all speeds, regardless of load, tow, wind or current conditions. The reversible propeller system is particularly suitable for smaller work vessels, as the reduction in gear ratio ensures maximum traction. Our new solution means that we retain all the conventional advantages of a turnable gear and in addition increases the range of the electric motors.


Rotating gear extends battery life

Together with Danfoss' all-electric motor and our HVP gear, we now have a complete solution for zero-emission vessels that can operate in coastal areas. Danfoss electric motors are liquid-cooled and designed to function in harsh operating environments and work excellently as propulsion motors in marine vessels.In contrast to existing electric motors on the market with fixed propellers, with Frydenbø's solution you will get approx. 15% better efficiency when using a turnable propeller. This causes a significant change in running time between each time the battery needs charging. 


Electric motor adapted to existing gear systems

The all-electric system that Frydenbø has developed is adapted to existing gear solutions. This means that you can easily replace the diesel engine you have today with a zero-emission engine.


We will find the solution

We are happy to assist you in relation to pre-project planning, adaptations and proposed solutions. We have short delivery times and we are quick to "turn around". We carry out such jobs on a traveling basis or at our other locations along the coast, depending on what suits you best.

Our system fits HVP 65E with EL motor from 30kw and up to 150kw (here we can deliver both with and without PTO). The SABB HVP 65E is an ideal gear when you need a compact and solid solution for a rotating propeller system. The HVP 65E is a strong and reliable gear with electronic engagement and disengagement of the PTO and electronic engagement/disengagement of the gear itself, and which also has an instrument panel in the wheelhouse for monitoring. The HVP65E fits engines with a power range of up to 650Nm and is delivered as standard with a power take-off (PTO) of 400Nm.

For more powerful gears, we recommend the HVP 83E with EL motor from 50kw and up to 230kw (here we can also offer with and without PTO). The gear is perfectly suited for engines with a power range of up to 830 Nm and is delivered as standard with a power take-off (PTO) of 400 Nm. 

If you are thinking of switching to electric propulsion with one of these gear types or alternatively overhauling your existing gear, feel free to contact us for a chat!