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We sell hydrogen engines from ABC


ABC (Anglo Belgian Corporation) is a traditional Belgian engine manufacturer founded in 1912. ABC produces medium speed diesel engines and dual fuel engines for marine, industrial and locomotive applications.
The ABC engines are particularly known for their high torque, which makes the engines well suited for vessels that need a lot of traction, including tugboats, fishing boats/trawlers, seismic boats etc. They are also known as engines with high quality and long maintenance intervals, very low NOx emissions and low fuel consumption.


Hydrogen engines

ABC has gained a head start on hydrogen as a fuel for ships, without going via fuel cells and electricity. Two variants have been developed, a DF (dual fuel) variant which can run on a mixture of liquid fossil fuel and up to 85 per cent hydrogen, and a spark plug engine which will be launched later this year. ABC has worked for several years on the development of the hydrogen engines and the first one to be launched runs on 85 percent hydrogen, is 1 MW with a lifespan of 200,000 hours. Several of the models are already ready for delivery. The first project with 2x2000kW motors is delivered this year.

The hydrogen engine has been developed on the platform of ABC's dual fuel engines and can deliver several versions in the range of 1,000 kW to 10,500 kW.
Existing ABC diesel engines can also be converted to dual-fuel operation with hydrogen.


Enormous interest in hydrogen in Norway

There is enormous interest in the hydrogen engine among Norwegian shipping companies, says our Senior Engineer Are Davidsen in an interview with TU.

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